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"If you listen to Ebony Moore's latest EP, Ebby The Dreamer, get ready for an alternative soul church service. Inspired to come "back to God" after dreams that she had, that she said were like Joseph's dreams, (thus the clever title of the EP,) she takes her faith and makes it something relatable and sonically pleasing. With instrumentals by White Hot, they team up on a four song EP that touches everything from sleepless nights to thankfulness for God's provision to being a "Wanderer" looking for peace." - Greg Walker, Prism Reviews

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Who is Ebony Moore?
I'm a believer and passionate artist from Tillery, North Carolina who just wants to let my little light shine.

Who are my main influences? 
Lenny Kravitz, The Cranberries, Amel Larrieux, Amy Grant and Newsboys

Where was my EP recorded and who was involved in its production? 
'Ebby The Dreamer' was produced by White Hot at and recorded at Tequila Sunrise Music in Gaston, North Carolina by Kenny Barker (mixing/mastering). 

Can I briefly describe what each song is about? 
“Wanderer” is a melancholy track about being at your lowest and making a desperate outcry to the Lord for peace and restoration. “I Owe It All” is a devotional song giving God thanks and praise for all He’s done and continues to do daily in our lives. “Altar Call” is an emotional piece inviting listeners to give their burdens to the Lord who will take care of them. “3AM” is an uplifting song for anyone clinging to faith in their darkest moment and trying to ignore the negative thoughts or worry that keeps you up at night. 

Were there any notable or amusing happenings surrounding the recording/production of my EP? Before recording this EP, I had lost my voice due to a battle with Covid-19. I was depressed for a while but watch a film, "God's Not Dead" that brought me back to life. I had a dream of myself performing my song "3AM" on stage and woke up to write it down. Not sure if I'll be able to sing again or not, I felt God urging me to book my studio time anyway. Right before stepping into the booth to record, my vocals and faith were both restored. I recorded all four songs in one day! GOD is Awesome!

A personal quote of mine?
I believe in making music that touches a spirit and comforts a broken heart.

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