Friday, December 27, 2019

Flashback Friday: Christmas with a little one in the NICU (2016)

Christmas was on a Sunday but it was bittersweet! I was happy and blessed to have my little one but sad to be celebrating the holidays with him in the NICU. I took a photo of myself at The Ronald McDonald House before heading to the hospital to be with DJ.

The House allowed us to go into this room filled with gifts and choose a few for our families. It was a way to brighten our stay during the holidays, realizing we hadn't been able to shop. Giving at Christmas brings us all joy and this was their way of helping us cope in a difficult time. Wrapping paper and tape was provided. It was Awesome!

We spent a few hours with our beloved before heading home to visit with family for a little while.
I quickly returned to Greenville to snuggle up with my beloved once more before bedtime... And to all a goodnight!

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