Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The first time I held my preemie

I'll never the most special day next to giving birth to my amazing pride and joy. It was the day I held DJ for the very first time, eight days after having him. The day was Friday, December 23, 2016, and I was so overwhelmed with joy and excitement that I almost fainted. Lord knows, it was such an emotional day. I couldn't stop crying and wishing my husband would come and share these precious moments with me. He kept making excuses but I remained strong. I was lonely and depressed by nighttime. It didn't help that the power went out at the house due to road workers accidentally cutting a line. So the house associates gave everyone flashlights. 

A dear friend called right on time to check on me and I told her how postpartum depression was getting the best of me. Without hesitation, she came to pick me up. We drove around the neighborhood to view the Christmas lights. Some were beautiful and others made us laugh. We ate some Krispy Kreme and had a blast! She also gave me a notepad with colorful pens to write down daily affirmations. I needed her positive energy so much. She's a blessing!

Once back at the house, I relaxed on the bed, calling my husband again who wouldn't answer. I cried myself to sleep. The power was restored around 2 am. I awakened to a little commotion in the house, but turned the heat on and went back to sleep. I was thankful to finally hold my baby. I'm praying that he will get stronger and bigger so I can take him home. I held him again on Christmas Eve, realizing that he is what matters most. I will be strong for my miracle child... always!

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