Monday, February 17, 2020

Protect your baby from germs

As a new mom, I was very protective of my little one when I brought him home from the hospital. Though I must admit that being a preemie mom makes me extra cautious of germs, especially during flu season. I have this tiny person I am responsible for who has spent the first four months of his life in the hospital. So why on earth would I not be careful with him. Not just my baby but all newborns immune systems aren't built up yet, so they're more susceptible to infections. It's really important for parents to be cautious about what their babies are exposed to. 

Everyone is happy and excited about the new baby. Family and friends can't wait to get their hands on your bundle of joy. Yet, it may not be the best thing right away if your newborn has health problems. Don't be afraid to inform your visitors that you don't want to put your little ones at risk of any viruses.  Keep plenty of soap, hand sanitizer, face masks (for those who have or are getting over colds) and disinfectant wipes/spray. Don't worry about offending anyone but protect your baby. Your baby is cute but germs are not! If it's difficult to express verbally, feel free to put up signs. I have designed a few like the one above available online:

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