Friday, January 28, 2022

I refuse to get the new year blues!!

Hey y'all! Look at me! Don't I look like someone who was excited and looking forward to the new year? Yay 2022, so I thought! Till it arrived and nothing spectacular was happening. Till I realized that it was only a continuation of 2021. Till I was summoned for jury duty. Till I got sick! 

   Jury Duty lasted nearly two full weeks before ending without even having to deliberate. Wow, what a waste of time! Oh well at least I was compensated. I got a check but needed a check-up! I was sick for several days with Covid-ish like symptoms but felt like the flu. Besides the lingering cough, I'm doing much better now. Thank God! 

  So anyway, now that I've gotten over the fear of facing the same year again, jury duty and possible Covid, my year can now officially begin! Maybe January was just a rough month overall. February will bring some joy! I mean how much worse can it possibly get? Don't answer that! Just let me hold onto the little ounce of faith I'm clinging onto for dear life. I believe that the single (Fragile) will finally take off, as well as this blog...fingers crossed. Well, I won't stop trying to have a happy new year! And neither should you. It's not that bad! It's still a blessing to see each new day as it comes, so let's just make the most of it. Keep the faith and press on... Make It Count! 
This life's not forever
Whatever you endeavor, Make It Count!
You gotta be more clever, a stronger you than ever
Make It Count!
This life's not forever
Whatever you endeavor, Make It Count!
The devil cannot sever what God puts together
Make It Count!

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