Monday, May 2, 2022

New Music Release

"Ebby The Dreamer" is my new EP. The music is inspired by my re-dedication to Christ after having visions like Joseph The Dreamer. I hope that listeners will be encouraged to seek Jesus as their personal Lord & Savior. "Wanderer" is a melancholy track about being at your lowest and making a desperate outcry to the Lord for peace and restoration. "I Owe It All" is a devotional song giving God thanks and praise for all He's done and continues to do daily in our lives. "Altar Call" is an emotional piece inviting listeners to give their burdens to the Lord who will take care of them. "3AM" is an uplifting upbeat song for anyone feeling forgotten by God and losing sleep worrying but hoping He hears their fervent prayers. My aim is to bring hope to others in these perilous times. 

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