Tuesday, August 2, 2022

The Newsboys Rock!!

In January of this year, I became very ill after serving as a juror in county court. As safe as I thought I was being during that week (wearing masks and social distancing), I still caught that nasty Covid-19. I was sick for three weeks. It was horrible. I had to quarantine myself from my son. Then when my test results came back negative in February, I was relieved. Though I had lasting effects from the illness, including headaches and a lingering cough that took months to get rid of. Also the worst thing possible that can happen to a singer happened. I lost my singing voice! I couldn't even hum a tune. I became so depressed, especially when listening to music because I was unable to sing along. I thought that it was over for me as a performer and maybe just songwriting was my calling instead of both. I just sulked for a while. I blamed the courts for summoning me to jury duty. I mean after all, I had just served in 2016, so why on earth are they calling me back so soon? Why not summon these folks who could care less about wearing masks or being safe? They must not have an immunocompromised child to worry about like I do. Then I had to ask God to forgive me because it happened, and I need to accept His will. Yet, I was still walking around the house depressed. That is until one afternoon I was flipping through channels and came across a film entitled, "God's Not Dead" that I had never seen before. I watched and was so moved by that film. The Newboys are the cherry on top of this Sunday delight! The way they encouraged and prayed with an unbeliever at the end, then went on to perform their faith confirming smash hit, "God's Not Dead". The lyrics rang true, "God's not dead, he's surely alive and living on the inside, roaring like a lion". Amen! So why was I sitting around acting like my life was over. God is alive and with me. He still has a purpose and plan for my life. I started listening to Newsboys music nonstop! Enjoying song after song, I was inspired to write music again. I started thinking maybe I could write and pitch songs for artists like them in the Christian Rock genre. Michael Tait sounds incredible and sings with such zeal for Christ! I'm in awe of his voice. He is truly anointed and can easily be one of those singing Pastors in a Southern Baptist Church. I'd join his congregation for sure. Newsboys Rock!! From their powerful worship song, "We Believe" to other uplifting tracks like "Guilty", "Greatness of Our God" to praise dance tracks like "Magnetic", "Jesus Did" and "No Doubt". I even pretend that I'm a featured vocalist on songs "Never Too Far Away" and "Stand" lol. However, it would be a dream come true to be their opening act for a show. Even my five year old digs these guys! If I ever have the pleasure of meeting my amazing brothers in Christ, I will let them know that they are are not just a blessing but an absolute miracle to the world!! They are true soldiers for the Lord. 
  Oh and by the way, I got my voice back after three months. To God be the glory!! I continued to fight, fast and pray without ceasing, believing God would deliver me and He did!! I recorded a new four-track Christian pop-rock EP, "Ebby The Dreamer" of which I released via Bandcamp on April, 28, 2022. I hope this post will inspire someone who may be feeling like there's no hope. Put your faith in Jesus who is our hope and anchor in the midst of our storms. Trust in Him! He never fails! God bless you and may heaven smile upon you ❤
Here is Newsboys' latest single "King Of Kings" ft. Bart Millard

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