Wednesday, September 7, 2022

New Music Announcement!

I'm so excited to officially release my EP "Ebby The Dreamer" on Sunday, September 4th, available online everywhere! This music means so much to me as I share my testimony in hopes of encouraging listeners. I've always loved rock 'n' roll and combined with my passion for Christ, my inspirational style of music was created. Beats produced by White Hot, who I believe made these tracks just for me, because they go so well with my vocal range. I love how he mixes rhythms of rock, pop, soul and hip hop. It's all so beautifully blended. He's absolutely amazing! I've already written songs to be recorded for my next project to his awesome beats. Check him out at

"Ebby The Dreamer" is a new musical project that I poured my heart and soul into. After going through a rough time battling Covid and losing my voice as a result, I was utterly depressed. I was worried that I'd never be able to sing again. I was up till 3:00 in the morning one time and just praying heavily to God seeking answers. I was begging him to help my unbelief because I was so afraid that my singing voice was gone for good. I promised him that I will sing for him. I was flipping through channels not long after and the film "God's Not Dead" popped up in the listings, so I watched it. I was so moved and uplifted especially by the Newsboys that I listened to their music nonstop. The days after I watched inspirational film after film, including "The Shack" and Jeremy Camp's "I Still Believe". Night after night, I'd get these vivid dreams of what's to come. God was showing me visions that made me hopeful, so I started writing songs. I would actually dream that I'm on stage singing to an audience, and I'd wake up and write the lyrics down. God is so amazing, and I was trusting Him to work it out. I booked the studio time to record these new songs not sure of the outcome. Although, I had to believe that God was going to make a way somehow and He did. On the very day I was scheduled to go into the studio, my voice was restored. So was my faith! 

May these songs, "Wanderer", "I Owe It All", "Altar Call", "3AM" reassure your faith, reminding you that God is with you always and He never fails!
God bless you, thank you for listening! 

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