Sunday, January 22, 2023

A spirit showed up while I'm riding my exercise bike!

Where do I start? Oh yeah, the beginning is good, right? Growing up, my brothers and I were normal kids. We enjoyed playing outside with our pets and riding our bikes. We also loved horror films. It never scared us to watch the living dead or haunting films. That wasn't until we moved into a home in the sticks that was once a nursing home. There were some experiences that would change all of our lives, especially mine. The supernatural is all around us. We're surrounded by spirits good or bad, but what if you're able to see them sometimes? I am and now they're showing up in my videos. Here is an example. I was working out one morning you know honoring my new year's resolution of self-care. When I decided to record myself doing the thang! I was so proud of myself that I posted it to my socials and got great feedback and encouragement. While playing it back to myself, I noticed something moving below. It was not my son because he was sound asleep and one of my hands was on the machine while the other was holding the cell phone up to record. There is a large mirror behind me where you can see my reflection as well. 

Here is the recording in normal speed.

And here it is in slow motion.

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