Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Dear Fellow Indie Artists: Hang in there, your time is coming!!

 It's easier for some but harder for most. The life of an indie artist is one of resilience and determination. It takes courage to step out and do it yourself even though you may struggle. I applaud you for your courage. The faith that you have in yourself, and your music is powerful. Not to mention inspiring! Some may criticize indie artists but it's mainly because they're not brave enough to go after something they're passionate about whether anyone supports it or not. It's not an easy journey but to artists, it's worth it! It's your heart's desire. Music is your air, your therapy and your masterpiece. It's your heart and soul, as well as your blood, sweat and tears poured into it. It's your own sound and uniqueness that makes you stand out. Some may not understand your go-getter spirit after being knocked down too many times to count. Yet you continue pressing on for not only what you believe in but for your right to create music the way that you want and feel. After all, it's your passion, your vision, your time, your money and your terms. Again, that's powerful! 

I commend you for not giving up even after hearing more no's than yeses. You keep going, even after being approached by scammer after scammer that don't even take the time to listen to your music but promise on the moon and the stars, they can help elevate you as a talent. For a fee of course! You do not have to explain why you're so driven for something that may not even be paying the bills, yet! I understand. Just keep at it! Let your light shine! Eventually others will notice you. Your audience will discover you! They will hear your masterpiece, love it and support you! So, hang in there, your time is coming! 

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