Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Social media is the devil's playground (Protect Your Kids!!)

Social media can be a great platform for networking as well as keeping in touch with close friends and family. However, it can also be dangerous. You have to be careful and mindful of the predators who are always lurking around searching for their next victim(s). They prey on whoever they can bait, vulnerable or innocent. Although we'd like to imagine a world where most people can act civilized, some are just evil to the core. Whether it's hackers, cyberbullies, scam artists, pedophiles, you name it, they are online right now working overtime to ruin someone's life. It doesn't matter if it's Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, they are messaging some unsuspecting browser from a fake account as we speak. You may be open to meeting new friends online but be careful because it could be a catfish situation. You know the show where a person poses as someone else, using another's identity and photos to portray as if they are them. You'll see account holders even pretending to be celebrities. It has gotten ridiculous. As silly as it seems, these individuals can be harmful. Some are out for blood. They not only want your attention, but they want your money or even You! Beware of a poser who could actually be a trafficker or sadist, which is a person who derives pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from inflicting pain or humiliation on others. You may think your children are communicating with familiar friends, but they can get a friend request from anyone, from anywhere and you may never know who they really are until it's too late. Social media can be downright frightening when you think about it. It's open to the world. Sure, it has its excitement and entertainment but there are some heavy influences that can be good or bad. I'm forty-seven and had to press charges against a cyberbully. I couldn't imagine being harassed by someone online as a kid or teen. It's not easy dealing with mean manipulating adults as an adult, so I know it's beyond hard on a youngster. Some are not fully aware of the pure evil in the world yet. That's why we as parents have to protect our kids. I'm a mom and an entertainer. Social media scares the hell out of me at times. It's the devil's playground and not fun for all. There are some hateful trolls just waiting to insult your beautiful photo or uplifting post because they're that evil. They want to make you cry, feel horrible about yourself and exploit your pain. Be Careful!! Rebuke them in the name of Jesus and log off. They are liars, the devil's spawn and need handcuffs. I don't want to read about any more kids committing suicide because of some evil internet troll who is nothing but a worthless coward that hides behind a computer or phone. Encourage your young people to keep in touch with close friends and dearest loved ones. Please do not entertain new requests from unfamiliar accounts. If they want to post pictures, please keep it at a minimum. You don't have to share your whole life with the public if you choose not to remain private. This popularity contest of gaining followers is not for the faint at heart nor the underaged and I wish social media would stop allowing it. A negative comment on a post can hurt anyone at any age. However, some will just delete the ugly comments and keep it moving. While others may fall into deep depression over it. I don't wish that on anyone. We are all special and amazing in God's eyes. I pray for peace and that something changes. We need laws where social media is closely monitoring for any criminal activity, banning suspicious accounts and banishing hackers. You shouldn't have to report an account that shouldn't have been allowed to be created in the first place. It has gotten way out of hand, and you can view just about anything on social media now.  It's too much. Where's the mystery? We just put it all out there for anyone and everyone to see. Stop it! I'm advocating for better social media policies and security. We need to bust these scammers and predators. Communicate with your children and stay on top of any behavior changes or sudden addictions to social media. Try to guide them in refraining from over posting, over sharing because a lot of followers means a lot of opinions. Be mindful and careful. The world is in an uproar, but life is still filled with infinite possibilities where we can conquer our dreams. Be vigilant, be strong, be victorious. May God bless and keep us all safe! 🙏

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